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10-Minute Intense Full-Body Workout

A Quick and Intense Full-Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

You will work your entire body with just four moves in this intense workout led by Level 1 CrossFit trainer Shirley Brown. Just two rounds of this bodyweight circuit workout will get your heart pumping and tone your abs, legs, and arms.

Embrace the CrossFit philosophy in this workout and compete with yourself. Try to do more reps of each move when you do the second round. Press play, and get ready to sweat!

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Today we're here with trainer Shirley Brown from CrossFit LA and she's gonna lead us through a CrossFit style workout that combines both the benefits of strength training and cardio. I've got Suzie here and student CrossFit student, Lindsay and we are gonna do four movements that are gonna last a minute each and we're gonna repeat that twice. We've got kind of a lateral shuffle staying low in a squat. We're gonna then move into lunges, bicycle crunches, and then mountain climbers. We're gonna do a minute of each interval. So, is everybody ready? Let 's do it. Let's do it. All right, let's go. You're gonna shuffle side to side. Keep your chest up tall. You're gonna move from right to left. And the goal here is to kind of get your heart rate up. Keep your body moving. Let's get everything warm before we move into the next movement. After 10 seconds in, how's everybody holding up? Good! Feeling it in the quads. The lower you crouch the more you're gonna feel it. Stomach extended really really tight, moving side to side. Hope you guys feel something in your legs. This is great because I can also feel it in my knees, which is a great supporting muscle that people tend to not work at all. Awesome. Hey guys we're at the halfway point. We keep on moving side to side. Lindsey, what's up? Feeling good, just tired. Alright guys. About 20 seconds to go. Keep going side to side. It's important when you get tired, too, to really pay attention to keeping that abdomen and the chest up. Yup, keep on breathing. We've got about ten seconds. We're gonna move right into lunges, guys. Alright, side to side, belly in. Alright we're changing in three, two, one, and lunges, guys. Alright right into lunges. No time for a break. So you want to keep your chest up tall, that back knee hitting the floor, and just keep breathing. Ooh, I can feel these. Yeah. So, Shirley, where's the best place to put your hands when you're doing this. You can either leave them out to the side or you can place them on your hips. It's wherever you're most comfortable, but keep keep your chest up to the sky. Alright, guys. How's everybody doing? Good. Good. I can feel it, too. in my booty. So if we were cross training, we would probably count how many lunges we would be doing and try to beat that the next round. Alright, we've got 20 seconds left guys. Think about stepping into your heel, pushing back from your heel every time. Chest up nice and tall. You 're not really keeping upright as you tire. All right, guys. We got less than 10 seconds. We're gonna move on to bicycle crunches. We're gonna get on the floor get to lie down. Yay! And switch. All right, right into bicycle crunches. All right, guys. Is everybody ready? Ready. And we're here for a minute. Push your low back into the ground. Keep your belly pulled in nice and tight. If you point your toes, stretch your leg out as far as you can. It's gonna make it a little more intense. Really important to keep that low back down. Feel it in the abs. The wider you open your elbows the more you're gonna feel it too. Halfway point, guys. Oh, that makes you twist more. Yes, it does. All right, Lindsey. You're not talking. So the slower, the harder it is? Yes, the more the slower you go, the more intense it will be. Okay. Let's be quick then. All right, guys. We've got about ten seconds. We're gonna switch to mountain climbers, our last movement. Belly's in tight. Low back pressed to the floor. We're switching in three, two, one, and roll over into mountain climbers. So your hands are directly underneath your shoulders. Belly pulled in tight, we're gonna start with one foot up in our hand. We're just going to jump into it. So it's working your leg, working your heart. Working your arms. Everything. Definitely. You need to modify, you can do smaller steps here. 'Cause we can tuck in a little smaller if it gets too hard, hands by your foot. Or you can keep it nice and big, hands by your, feet by your hands. We've got less than about twenty seconds to go. The quieter you land, the more console you have, right? So it's better to try to be gentle and quiet. All right, guys. We have 15 seconds to go. Here we go. Keep going, come on push it through this. Like climbing that mountain. Less than 10. Almost there. Five seconds. And have a seat. Ready to do a little stretch. I can use it. Legs out in front, stretching out your hamstrings now. Make sure you're breathing. Yeah. I like to pull my toes back from my calves. Definitely makes it a little better. Yeah. So sit tall. You can go around then. Hi guys. Come on. We're gonna stretch our hip flexors. So, right knee down on the floor. Left foot out in front. Belly pulled in tight. Let your hips sink down to the floor. Heart rate is up. If you squeeze the gluts on your right leg it intensifies the stretch. It does. In every way. All right guys in 20 seconds, switch your legs and get ready for round number two.Keep stretching, breathing, staying nice and calm. Loosen up those hip flexors. Get ready. Starting round number two. All right. Let's go. So we got a minute of the same exercises. Your goal is to beat your score. Ladies, are you ready? Yes. Yeah. All right. Let's go. Keep laterally shuffling. Belly pulled in tight. Staying as low as you can. All right. You guys are just warming up now. You're too quiet, too cold now. We're gonna do it again after the first round. You can get even lower this time. All right. Even lower. Stomach still pulled in tight. Gonna get the legs going by going lower. I'm feeling the burn. All right guys. Definitely . Only have 20 seconds left of this. Now, quick lunge. All right. Side to side. Okay. Okay. We are gonna lunge in less than 10 seconds. All right, side to side, three, two, one and we're out to lunging. So, stretch straight out. So, if you counted your lunges in the first round, beat that score. Let's say you got 20, you're goal now is to get 25. You got that, right Suzie? Yeah, we're gonna do five more at least. Okay. I'm counting your lunges, 'cause I'm doing the same amount. All right. I guess counting is a good way to like keep yourself distracted and motivated while you're doing. It's true. The movement over and over. You can keep a total round total of lunges, or you can keep each individual movement to rep count. All right, guys. 20 econds left. Keep the chest high even if you're getting tired. Lindsay, what's going on? Oh, I'm feeling it. We get to lie down. nice little crunches. Alright guys. ten seconds left. Lying on the floor. Belly pulled in tight. We're about to go in five seconds. Three, two, one and the crunches. No wasting time here ladies. Alright. Alright. Kind of a relief to lay down, no? Yeah, it feels good in the beginning. And then as the reps go, you feel the burn. So keep twisting, pushing your lower back into the floor, opposite elbow to oppose knee. Work the twist for your obliques, get them fired up. Twisting . Turning. Less than 30. All right. Okay. Almost there guys. Keep on twisting - that leg pulled in tight. Marisa's getting quiet. We're breathing. Working hard? Breathing. Keep going, less than 10. We're going to mountain climbers after this All right. About five seconds. Two, one and ooh. All right, guys. Mountain climbers. Let's go. Hands are planted directly under your shoulders. Feet start at your hands and you're gonna jump into a three for a minute guys. Last minute of this workout. So Lindsay's got not quite a full range of motion which is okay. A little modified version where you do not reach as far. Suzie's a killer mountain climber up there. All right guys. Shelby, where should we look, down or out? Right in between your two hands. You want to keep your spine in line. All right guys, keep on climbing. Marisa, the abs kick in protect our low back. Less than 20. All right. You'll get a stretch. Yay for stretching! Yeah. All right, guys. Keep on climbing. Lindsay, what's up over there? I'm feeling it. All right, in three seconds, two one. All right. That was neat. That was killer. Hug your knees into your chest. Roll around. Breathe. You roll side to side. It feels great to release my low back. Yeah. All right, guys. We're gonna come up and we're gonna do hamstring stretch. So legs are stretched out in front of you, belly pulled in tight. Gonna reach for your toes. Keep your back nice and flat. Then breathe again so we're pulled in nice and tight. Okay, you guys should be feeling it here, maybe you feel it here. It's amazing what you can do in 10 minutes. All right guys, we're going to slowly come out of this, we're gonna slowly stand up and open up our chest. Okay. So take your hand and grip your fingers behind your back, shoulders pulled down in back. Open up your chest. And again, continue to breathe. Breathe. Pull it back, and relax, we are done. Nice job, Susie. Good job, Lindsay. You two were awesome. That was great. Shirley, thanks for showing us some of the fundamentals of CrossFit. It was a great work out. Thank you very much for having me, and you guys were awesome. It was fun to be here. Super awesome. See you next time on Class FitSugar.

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