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Bat-Wing Exercises

Bat Wings, Begone! 4 Moves to Tone Up Triceps

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Unless you'll be rocking a Batgirl costume come Halloween night, a set of bat wings, or that notorious underarm jiggle, does not need to be part of your costume! Nothing can change overnight, but if you're looking to tone and tighten up your arms, then this four-move triceps workout will help you reach those healthy goals.

Triceps Dips

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  • Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secured bench or stable chair.
  • Move your bum in front of the bench with your legs extended (as pictured); for more stability, keep legs bent and feet placed about hip-width apart on the floor.
  • Straighten out your arms, and keep a little bend in your elbows in order to always keep tension on your triceps and off your elbow joints.
  • Now slowly bend at your elbows, and lower your upper body down toward the floor until your arms are at about a 90-degree angle. Be sure to keep your back close to the bench.
  • Once you reach the bottom of the movement, slowly press off with your hands, and push yourself back up to the starting position. This counts as one rep.
  • Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Diamond Push-Ups

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  • Start in plank position with your legs straight or knees resting on the floor.
  • If your knees aren't on the floor, then you can separate your feet so they're about shoulder-width apart to help you stay balanced throughout the exercise.
  • Place your hands together directly under your sternum, with the tips of your index fingers touching and thumbs touching. Your fingers and thumbs should form a diamond or triangle shape.
  • As you inhale, bend your elbows out to the sides, and lower your chest toward the floor. Then exhale to straighten your arms. This counts as one push-up. Do two sets of 12 push-ups.

Triceps Push

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  • Hold your two- or three-pound weights, and kneel on your knees with toes touching the ground. Hinge forward from your hips, and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.
  • Unbend your elbows, and extend both of your arms straight back, palms facing each other. Squeeze your triceps, and then return back to starting position.
  • Do 20 reps.

Bent-Over Row

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  • Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Bend your elbows back, keeping your upper arms even with your back, and bring the weights to your upper waist.
  • Then bend your knees to come into a half-squat while creasing at your hips so your spine is almost parallel to the floor. Be sure to tuck your pelvis under so your spine, pelvis, and head form one long line.
  • As you exhale, simultaneously extend your right arm straight out in front of you and the left arm straight behind you. Rotate both wrists so your front palm is down and your back palm is up.
  • With control, return to the starting position and repeat on the other side, this completes one rep. Do 8 to 10 reps on each arm and repeat for 3 sets.
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