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Wide-Legged Forward Bend C

Once you're all good and warmed up from the sequence, your shoulders will be get final, intense stretch in Wide-Legged Forward Bend C:

  • From Eagle, move through a vinyasa (Four-Limbed Staff to Up Dog to Down Dog).
  • From Down Dog, either hop or step your feet forward to the top of your mat.
  • Stand with your feet three to four feet apart, flaring your heels slightly wider than your toes.
  • Bring your arms behind your back, clasping your fingers, and press the heels of your palms together in a fist.
  • Fold forward, hinging at your hips, drawing the crown of your head and your hands toward the floor. Relax your toes, and try to shift the weight of your hips forward so they're in line with your feet.
  • Stay here for five deep breaths. Then press into your feet, engage your quads, and inhale as you stand up.