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You've probably seen kombucha on the shelves of your favorite health food stores, but you might not know exactly where kombucha comes from. Often referred to as a mushroom, kombucha is actually a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast. After sugar and tea are added to the kombucha starter, a fermentation process results in an effervescent tea that is rich in B vitamins and probiotics that help energize and detox your body. In addition to probiotics, kombucha is also a source of prebiotics, which help fuel the growth of healthy microorganisms in your digestive track.

What to look for: We're big fans of Live Kombucha in the office these days, but I've been sipping on GT's Kombucha Synergy Trilogy (a blend of raspberry, lemon, and ginger) for years. I can't get enough of its tart flavor or how amazing I feel after I drink it.

Photo: Lizzie Fuhr

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