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Circuit Two: Sumo Squat Series

Reps: 10 squats, 10 pulses, 10 pulses knees back, 10 pulses with heel up

  • Begin in a wide stance with your legs turned out and your toes pointed outward. With your hands at your chest, perform 10 squats in this position, making sure your bent knees do not move beyond your toes.
  • Hold your last squat and slowly pulse up and down in a one-inch range 10 times.
  • Maintain your squat and press your knees slightly back 10 times feeling your glutes engage with each slow pulse back.
  • Still holding your squat lift your right heel, and pulse up and down in a one-inch range 10 times before switching sides.

Also known as a wide squat, this position targets the lower glutes as well as the inner thighs — and that's why we love it so.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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