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At Yoga . . .

If you think yoga is all about relaxation and no results, you are not taking the right class. For folks who want to see a change in their body, teacher Kristin McGee says that hitting up a Vinyasa or power yoga class is "awesome for toning the arms." The reason? In addition to arm balances and planks, you'll do "at least 30 narrow-arm triceps push-ups" (Chaturanga). Yes, you'll feel the burn, and it will pay off big time.

Once you're in a more challenging class, focusing on correct alignment in arm-toning postures is essential. "It doesn't matter what the pose is if it's done incorrectly," says yogini Kathryn Budig. She loves doing Chaturangas and side planks to tone up arms, but if you're brand new to yoga, she suggests finding beginner-friendly variations that suit your level (for now). As your practice becomes more regular and your upper body is strengthened and sculpted, you'll be able to do those Chaturangas all day long.

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