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Exercise 2: Attitude Split Stretch

  • On all fours, stagger your hands, bringing your left hand slightly in front of your left shoulder. Lift your right leg into the attitude position with the knee bent to 90 degrees, keeping the knee and foot higher than your hip. Allow your top hip to rotate to the left, moving the right knee over the left heel.
  • Straighten both knees to lift your pelvis up into a variation of Downward Dog with the right leg reaching toward the left wall — you should look like you're in a splits position with hips in the air and your left leg past the center line of your body. With control, bend your left knee and lower your right leg back to the starting position (with the right leg back in attitude). This completes one rep.
  • Complete 30 consecutive reps on your right side. Then switch to the left side for an additional 30 reps.

Source: Tracy Anderson Method

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