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One-Legged Lift

  • From the Seated Spinal Twist, release your arms and bring the torso back to center.
  • Grab the right foot with the left hand, and thread your right hand underneath the right knee. Use your left hand to press the foot back. This will help you crawl underneath the knee a little further. Your goal is to get the right knee as high onto the right shoulder as possible.
  • Release the hands to the floor, and actively pull the right heel down to firmly bend your knee around the shoulder.
  • Bend the elbows, fold the torso over the left leg, then straighten the arms, lifting the left leg into the air. If this is too difficult (it takes major core strength), just keep the left heel on the ground and lift the hips up.
  • Hold wherever you can for five breaths.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography

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