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If a recipe calls for: Buttermilk

You can substitute: Milk with lemon juice or yogurt thinned with water

Strange as it sounds, buttermilk is essentially fermented milk, which is made by adding acid to the milk. Create your own version by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to a cup of milk, let it sit for five minutes, then use as the recipe directs. Alternatively, take plain yogurt and thin it with water to form a milk-like liquid.

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runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 2 years
My mom taught me you can use yogurt, too. I would look up the exact conversion. I used it only once for a buttermilk cake and it was delicious.
lovesitc1 lovesitc1 3 years
Good to know. I had know idea about needing a bit or orange to sub for meyer lemon! Thanks for the info :)