Now we know who really wears the pants in the relationship. Artist Haruki Godo has reimagined a handful of Disney princesses by dressing them in the clothes of their princes. And I must say, the ladies look fabulous in their much more practical attire. I mean, it's no wonder Cinderella lost her shoe; you try running down a flight of stairs in a ball gown. Check out the costume-swapped royalty now!

Illustrations by Haruki Godo

Ariel in Prince Eric's Clothing

Tiana in Prince Naveen's Clothing

Aurora in Prince Phillip's Clothing

Mulan in Li Shang's Clothing

Pocahontas in John Smith's Clothing

Cinderella in Prince Charming's Clothing

Snow White in The Prince's Clothing

Rapunzel in Flynn Rider's Clothing

Jasmine in Aladdin's Clothing

Belle in Beast's Clothing

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Illustrations by Haruki Godo