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Michael Fassbender Sexy GIFs

Michael Fassbender's GIF Guide to Seduction

Source: 20th Century Fox

Today is Michael Fassbender's birthday! And despite Michael's humble assertion that it's purely his celebrity status that attracts women, I have a hard time believing that any woman (or man) could resist the hot Irish-German actor's sex appeal, famous or not. (And don't get me started on the full-frontal scene in Shame.) There are many, many reasons why Michael Fassbender is a grade-A stud muffin, including his talent, looks, and sense of humor. But let's explore what it is about him that really reels you in, that je ne sais quoi, using GIFs from his various films and interviews to illustrate. We'll be over here fanning ourselves.

Always Draw Attention to Your Mouth

Source: GQ

Exhibit A.

Source: ITV

Exhibit B.

Source: NBC

Don't Rush Things

Know How to Buy Lingerie

Leave Her Wanting More

Give the "Look" Whenever Possible

Like on public transportation.

Or during breakfast.

Source: IFC Films

Or just whenever.

Be Commanding

Source: IFC Films

Touch Your Face

Source: GQ

Give the Lady What She Wants

When You're Eating, Make This Face:

Source: IFC Films

Find Unexpected Moments to Steal a Kiss

Try Something New

Say Things Like This:

Or this:

Stay in Bed in the Morning

And do this:

Be a Little Silly

I mean . . .

Source: IFC Films

If You Must Smoke, Do It Like This:

Source: GQ

Don't Underestimate a Good Compliment

Source: IFC Films

Look Your Best on a Date

Source: Relativity

Boxer Briefs Are Always a Good Idea

Like, always.

Be Straightforward

This Is How You Take Off a Tie:

Source: GQ

Learn How to Make a Mean Cocktail

Be Shirtless Whenever Possible

Source: Relativity

Like when you're making breakfast.

Source: IFC Films

Or wielding a weapon.

Source: Warner Bros.

Grow a Manly, Full Beard Every Once in a While

Source: BBC

Use This as a Pickup Line:

Show Your Vulnerable Side

A few tears go a long way.

Source: Warner Bros.

Laugh a Lot

Source: GQ

Even when people call you a handsome shark.

Source: Disney

They're just jealous.

Because, obviously.

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