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Naughty Elf on the Shelf Pictures

11 Totally Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf Poses

First Bad Santa, now naughty elves? Turns out your beloved Elf on the Shelf isn't as innocent as he appears. Here's photographic proof that these 11 elves belong on the naughty list. Try not to be scarred for life.

Amateur Pornographer Elf

Elf Who Can Hold His Liquor

Sick, Sick Elf

Elf Who'll Be Waiting For Hours

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Self-Loving Elf

Elf Having the Best Day Ever

Awkward Noob Elf

Elf Who'll Brag to All His Elf Friends

Rot-in-Hell Elf

Really Mature Elf

Creepy Elf Who Needs to Learn Boundaries

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