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Heather Finds Out That Love Is Blind

I spent the Summer going into my senior year of college studying in Rome. Abroad with my best girlfriend, we spent the days in museums and the nights in bars. On our second night out, we got picked up by a cute pack of Italian boys. We paired off, and I spent the night using my broken Italian and figuring out his fractured English. After a few fun nights out, I decided he was more trouble than he was worth, so Stefano and I "broke up."

My BFF still continued to see her guy, and at the end of our time in Rome, he offered to drive us to the airport. Awkward, my "ex" was in the backseat to accompany us to the airport. (This took place when you could still wait at the terminal with loved ones at the airport.) We all waited for our flight, looking at magazines and books in the terminal gift shop. Sarah and I were on one side of the shop, Stefano and Daniele on the other side. This is when I noticed that Stefano was holding a magazine up VERY close to his face sort of examining/reading? I turned to Sarah and said, "Don't you think it's a little strange how close Stefano is holding that magazine?" My question was received with uncontrollable laughter, like I was not in on the joke. "Heather, soo, yeah — Stefano, is blind. Not like blind blind, but like can't see out of his left eye and can only make shapes out in his right eye." Yeah . . . so the blind guy wanted to date me.

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