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Katie Learns Some Tinder Dating Lessons

If you're single and own an iPhone, you've likely downloaded Tinder — who hasn't? Is it for everyone? No. Was it for me? Nope, but there was one exception. From the start, I was inundated with messages that ranged from extremely cheesy to overtly obnoxious. So, when I noticed a simple, "Hi, Katie!" it was refreshing. Debating over the perfect reply I responded with, "Hi!"

Adorable texts were traded back and forth for a few months. Yes, months. I would occasionally tell friends about the "Tinder guy" and they would all reply, "Wait you still haven't gone out?" Me: "Ummmm . . . no." After two months, a close friend got wind of "Tinder guy" and pulled me aside to set me straight. His advice: be aggressive. Me, aggressive?! Fine, what do I have to lose? Guess what: it worked. We set a date.

But now there's a problem: after three months of texting, what do we talk about on our first date? We'd already covered the basics: work, family, and Miley Cyrus. Cut to the day of the date. We decide to meet up for drinks . . . at his house. Editorial note: don't do this. In hindsight I realize the entire scenario screams murder. What in the world would we talk about in person, face-to-face? Duh, Katie, the same things you text about. I was really overthinking it. Conclusion: it was the easiest date ever. If you've already exchanged emojis with someone, sharing a bottle of wine should be a breeze. Or you could just make out for a few hours and avoid talking . . . that happened, too.

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