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Jolene5859 Jolene5859 1 year

My little one wakes up from every hour from 22h00 - 6h00 for bottle, she wakes up and cries until i give her bottle of milk or water. she wont go back to sleep without drinking something in a bottle. how can i wean her off the bottle in the evening? during the day she is fine not having the bottle but cant go back to sleep at night without it??? She is already 2 years and 4 months and still have this problem... She drinks about 2 liters in a evening...

JenniferHubbard5841 JenniferHubbard5841 1 year

I believe that every one parents their children differently. Saying that this article is unrealistic is saying that your not allowed to doctor these tips in any way to fit the needs of your child and to fit what works for you. I think that the patience extending is a great idea and will work perfectly for my toddler. Swaddling only worked for my infant for a few weeks then it just didn't. I like the fact that you can take so many different things and advice out there and custom make a routine that works for you and your family. I have issues getting my toddler down every night and my now 8 month old to sleep through the night. Maybe I will post my story one day when I finally find the right way FOR ME, till then Thank you for the tips!

Jane38813 Jane38813 1 year

my son hated to be swaddled since he was born lol idk why he even faught the nurses as they were trying to swaddle him he would kick and claw his way out of it. and to this day he's now 2) he still doesnt like covers. loves pillows tho

VanessaDeRousseau1386952532 VanessaDeRousseau1386952532 1 year

Exactly! We expect our babies to adapt so quickly so it can be convenient for us, why can't we meet our babies half way and let them adapt at their own pace?! I would NEVER suggest CIO or even attempt it.
About the drunk comment-I am so completely aware of my baby even while sleeping, she can flinch and it would wake me. There is nothing stonger than a mother's instinct.

Lana1392242137 Lana1392242137 1 year

I totally agree! When my baby was a newborn he slept in elevated little rocking bed, he was waking up every 1-1.5hrs for feedings and I couldn't do anything. Swaddle, noice - nothing worked. He didn't had colics, or other health problems, he just wanted to eat often. At 3 month I took him with me to bed and that was the best decision ever, I could nurse him without waking up from bed, plus little babies feel when mommy close by and they sleep better. I would not compare sleep deprived mom to a drunk person - that's absurd! Nature created us this way! No animal in the world gives up their babies and go to sleep under another tree, but somehow in human society is normal to leave baby in a room alone, with close doors. I'm not even getting into CIO method, which definitely should be translated as "torture". Nobody says that motherhood is easy, but babies grow so fast, I wouldn't do anything that I would regret later in life. Mother is the whole world to a baby - give it the best of it! (sorry for mistakes, not native English here).

VanessaDeRousseau1386952532 VanessaDeRousseau1386952532 1 year

This article is simply unrealistic. However, I think a lot of it is opinion. If you read anything from Dr. Sears, La Leche League or even they will all say co-sleeping is perfectly fine if you do it right and safe. Also nursing to sleep is completely fine. I nurse my baby to sleep and sleep in bed with my 5 month old, and she is fine. I've can also count on on hand the number of times I've been tired since she has been born because of this. I initially tried a bassinet, swaddling, white noise, I tried it all and nothing worked for her. She woke up every hour...every baby is different and she just prefers sleeping with us.

BeckySchmeil1390191153 BeckySchmeil1390191153 1 year

What do you do when they outgrow the swing!?

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