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It Affects the Mother-Child Connection

In addition to speaking with several surrogates, Lahl also interviewed a young girl named Jessica, who was born through a surrogate. Growing up, Jessica says she always felt something was off in her family.

"There was a lack of family dynamic," she says. "I never felt a connection to my mother." Nancy Verrier, a psychotherapist and author of The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child, says Jessica's lack of connection makes complete sense, as mother-child bonding begins in the womb.

"A baby knows that's not the mother she's expecting," Verrier says of children born via surrogate.

When Jessica learned she had been born via surrogate, she was hurt and slightly insulted, saying she felt she had a "price tag [attached] to her." Verrier agrees with Jessica's sentiments, saying the act of surrogacy turns the children into a commodity that can be created and sold, rather than a human being. It can also lead to feelings of abandonment.

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