Pet Photography Tips From Underwater Dogs' Seth Casteel

6 Tips For Dynamic Pet Photos From Seth Casteel

Pet Photography Tips From Underwater Dogs' Seth Casteel

Even though you're probably familiar with the underwater dog images that took the Internet by storm earlier this year, the photographer of these wild and wacky pups, Seth Casteel, may not yet be a household name at your pad. But in fact, the pet portraitist has been on the photography scene for several years now, snapping endearing shots of pets for magazine covers and celebrity moms and dads. Yet it's the gleeful images of dogs plunging into swimming pools, chomping after their favorite toys, that have put Casteel on the map as one of this country's premier — and innovative — pet photographers.

We tapped the man behind the camera for his tips on how to take awesome action shots of your pet, so check out his pointers and some images from his new book, Underwater Dogs, available today!

Source: Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel


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