True story: only geeks really know how to celebrate the day that is Pi Day. Exhibits 1 through 3.141592653589793238462643 ahead. Cheers!

First Things First — Posting on Facebook

Source: Someecards

Source: Facebook user Felicia Day

Having This Incredible Realization

Source: The Meta Picture

Then, Eating Pie, Duh

Source: Twitter user HITleaders

Make your own savory pie recipes!

Watching a Special-Edition Weather Forecast

Using All the Pi Jokes You've Got

Source: Twitter user ThemerApp

Staring at This Beauty in the Sky

Singing Along to a Pi Day Parody of "Friday" With Zero Shame

Forcing Your Co-Workers to Make One of These Babies

Feeling Sad For Other Countries

Source: Troll Meme

Feeling Sad For Yourself

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Leaving a Tip Like This. Bam!

Suddenly Realizing It's Einstein's Birthday, Too

Source: Quickmeme

Wait, he deserves some love, too.

Frantically Planning a Pi Happy Hour

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Cracking Drinks Open With a Pi Bottle Opener

Source: Uncommon Goods

There's more where that came from.

And After One Too Many Drinks, Capping Off the Day With One of These Gems

Source: Twitter user DiscoverMag