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Thanksgiving Memes

Feast Your Eyes on the Internet's Best Thanksgiving Memes

Happy Thanksgiving! We're getting into the spirit of stuffing our faces early with some side-splitting memes. What's Thanksgiving without turkey, pumpkin pie, and Grumpy Cat? Before you chow down, let out a laugh (or 12) with memes that tell it like it is. From food coma cats to hipster jokes, your entertainment awaits.

Grumpy Cat Sees Your Thanksgiving and Raises You a Frown

Source: Quickmeme

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Look Away — Just Look Away

Source: Quickmeme


Source: Quickmeme

Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Source: Cheezburger

Slowly Back Away

Source: Cheezburger

Hipster Fake-Out in 3, 2, 1 . . .

Source: Quickmeme

Stop It, Keanu


Source: WeKnowMemes

The Resentment Never Dies

Source: Quickmeme

Please Oh Please Oh Please

Unless You Like Banging Your Head Against the Wall

Source: Quickmeme

Slow News Day or Fact of Life?

Source: Cheezburger
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