Zepp Golf Sensor

Zepp's Sensor Will Improve Your Swing (No Coach Necessary)

Zepp's Sensor Will Improve Your Swing (No Coach Necessary)

On a show floor full of shiny wearables and high-resolution TVs, the Zepp booth certainly stood out. A golf club, baseball bat, and tennis racquet were laid out on a patch of astroturf — and we were intrigued.

Zepp is bringing big data to pro and aspiring pro athletes with a new sensor that analyzes, measures, and displays detailed swing data for golfers and baseball and tennis players. Three-dimensional motion technology makes it all possible, and Bluetooth capability built into the Zepp sensor beams the analysis to a smartphone.

The sensor is a small, square-shaped gadget that attaches to the bottom of your racquet or bat with a secure rubber grip. For golfers, there's a clip that attaches to a glove. Built-in accelerometers, an ARM processor, and a three-axis gyroscope measure speed, angle at impact, and many other data points.

The golf and baseball apps will actually visualize and play back each swing. Athletes can even compare two of their own swings or stack up their stats against another user.

Could Zepp be the gadget that elevates your game at last? Check out the kits ($150 each) at the Zepp store, and let us know if the athlete in your life could benefit from the sensor's digital insights.

Source: Zepp