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12 Years of iPod Evolution: Then and Now

12 Years of iPod Evolution: Then and Now

Oh, Apple, how can we ever quit you? As much love as there is for Apple, it gets a little frustrating when the tech giant releases a great product then comes out with an even better one just a few months later. How can consumers ever keep up?! While the iPhone may have taken over for many power Apple users as a music device, it all started with the iPod. We've seen so many iterations of the famous MP3 player hit the shelves that you may have forgotten where it all started: a clunky push-button device.

The most recent iteration of iPod Touch and Nano in Sept. 2012, gave us a colorful take on music. With rumors of a more affordable line of iPhones hitting the scene this year — and in the same colorful spectrum as current iPods — relive the last 12 years of digital music, when phone and music player were two separate things.

—Additional reporting by Molly McGlynn


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