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Add a Lens to Your Phone

If you really want to get every little detail of an object, consider adding a lens to your iPhone — like Monica Rubalcava (moniqua), who has more than 27,400 followers.

"When I take a macro picture, I always use the basic camera app because it's quick and simple. In order to get the perfect macro shot, I need to get down into positions that I'm not normally in . . . For this picture, I was right next to the blueberry. My lens was practically touching the water. I was crouched over the table, very uncomfortable, but it got me the perfect shot."

msarlitt msarlitt 4 years
Great tips! For the "Add a lens" tip, I'd go with Photojojo's macro. I've seen (and tried) a number of more expensive options, but nothing really compares when factoring in both price and image quality IMO.
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