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Airbrush Makeup Application Tips

How to Airbrush Your Face Like an Instagram-Famous Makeup Artist

Airbrush Makeup Application Tips

No matter how experienced we get with the hottest new makeup techniques like contouring, sandbagging, and strobing, there's always been one skill that has eluded us: airbrushing.

Last year, professional airbrushing brand Temptu released the Air, a cordless handheld device designed for both artists and amateurs. To use it, you snap makeup-filled pods into the small, chargeable tool, then mist the color over your face. It's simple, completely brilliant . . . and a little scary. What if we mess up? How do we know if we're using the right shade?

Determined to add another beauty skill to our résumés, we consulted the gorgeous, talented makeup artist and blogger JadeyWadey180, also known as Jade Marie Baird, for advice. Not only does she have more than 737,000 followers ogling her makeup masterpieces on Instagram, but she's also an expert at using airbrush technology and frequently applies it on brides. Read on: Jade spilled the top mistakes people make when using airbrush at home. We've paired her tips with before-and-afters of her airbrush clients to get you motivated to master the technique!

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