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Take the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2024

Join the Year's Definitive Book Event: The 2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Starts Now!

Take the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge 2024
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The best time of year has arrived. And no, we're not talking about the holidays — the 2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge is here. For a decade now, our annual Reading Challenge has delighted our community of readers across the globe with 50 book prompts, driving loyal fans and new readers alike to discover the magic of the written word.

This year, we have a fun theme you'll see pop up throughout our prompts — in keeping with embracing the magic of words, you'll find subtle references to dictionaries. Maybe you'll learn the proper definition of a literary genre or look up a new word in the process. You'll also see several prompts related to the number 24, given this is our 2024 challenge.

Download our printable list of book prompts here, which allows you to easily check them off as you go. This year, we're also introducing an awesome new element: a tracker that allows you to paste your chosen book covers to each corresponding prompt.

And as you embark on reading, be sure to join the POPSUGAR Book Club on Facebook, a community of POPSUGAR editors and readers from around the world who delight in the challenge each year. You can discuss challenging prompts, swap picks, and more.

Without further ado, keep reading for the 2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge prompts and tracker, along with book suggestions courtesy of our editors.

2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompts2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompts

  1. A book with the word "leap" in the title
  2. A bildungsroman
  3. A book about a 24-year-old
  4. A book about a writer
  5. A book about K-pop
  6. A book about pirates
  7. A book about women's sports and/or by a woman athlete
  8. A book by a blind or visually impaired author
  9. A book by a deaf or hard-of-hearing author
  10. A book by a self-published author
  11. A book from a genre you typically avoid
  12. A book from an animal's POV
  13. A book originally published under a pen name
  14. A book recommended by a bookseller
  15. A book recommended by a librarian
  16. A book set 24 years before you were born
  17. A book set in a travel destination on your bucket list
  18. A book set in space
  19. A book set in the future
  20. A book set in the snow
  21. A book that came out in a year that ends with "24"
  22. A book that centers on video games
  23. A book that features dragons
  24. A book that takes place over the course of 24 hours
  25. A book that was published 24 years ago
  26. A book that was turned into a musical
  27. A book where someone dies in the first chapter
  28. A book with a main character who's 42 years old
  29. A book with a neurodivergent main character
  30. A book with a one-word title you had to look up in a dictionary
  31. A book with a title that is a complete sentence
  32. A book with an enemies-to-lovers plot
  33. A book with an unreliable narrator
  34. A book with at least three POVs
  35. A book with magical realism
  36. A book written by an incarcerated or formerly incarcerated person
  37. A book written during NaNoWriMo
  38. A cozy fantasy book
  39. A fiction book by a trans or nonbinary author
  40. A horror book by a BIPOC author
  41. A memoir that explores queerness
  42. A nonfiction book about Indigenous people
  43. A second-chance romance
  44. An autobiography by a woman in rock 'n' roll
  45. An LGBTQ+ romance novel

Advanced Prompts

  1. A book in which a character sleeps for more than 24 hours
  2. A book with 24 letters in the title
  3. A collection of at least 24 poems
  4. The 24th book of an author
  5. A book that starts with the letter "X"

2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Tracker2024 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Tracker

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