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Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer That Shoots Fire

Amazon Pulled This Hair Dryer After 1 Woman Found Out It Literally Shoots Fire

Hi, hello, good morning: your hair dryer could shoot out balls of fire. Or at least that's what one Amazon shopper recently discovered upon purchasing a tool from the online retailer. According to a video taken by Erika Augthun Shoolbred, along with de-damping your strands, the OraCorp Professional Grade Hair Dryer conveniently doubles as a flame thrower.

"Talk about a bad hair day!" Shoolbred captioned the video, which shows the OraCorp casually spitting out an inferno. "My new hair dryer (more like hair frier) . . . became a blow torch on its first use this morning." Luckily, Shoolbred escaped the blaze with only a "small burn" on her hand and an "enormous smell to [her] master bath." Close call!

Shoolbred's post was quickly flooded with concerned inquiries from friends. "Wow — I'm so glad you are okay!" one wrote. "That could have been a disaster." According to Newsweek, Amazon has pulled the dryer in question from its site. Shoolbred also wrote that the site gave her a full refund for the faulty tool.


There are still a wide range of other OraCorp products for sale on Amazon, such as a heat pad, maternity belt, and wrist massage bed.

Watch the horrifying video above — but be warned, it's nightmare fuel.

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