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Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray

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Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd

Dry, rough skin is notoriously difficult to remedy — but not anymore! We've partnered with Aquaphor® to introduce the brand's breakthrough innovation that'll soothe your skin in seconds.

You know what's better than an effective beauty routine? An effective beauty routine that's easy to breeze through and requires minimal to no touch-ups. If you have dry, rough skin and the thought of this level of beauty bliss seems like a distant dream, then today might be your lucky day. Aquaphor® — the brand behind one of the beauty industry's top-rated, widely loved multipurpose ointments — just introduced a breakthrough innovation. Prepare yourselves, because this one is totally unlike anything you've seen before. And we really mean that.

Introducing the newest innovation from Aquaphor®: the Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray. It's the brand's miracle-working, cult-favorite Healing Ointment, reimagined in the form of a fine, continuous spray that's ideal for covering large areas in a simple swipe. Eager to find out how it can be just as beneficial to your time-strapped lifestyle as it can be for relieving the discomfort of dry, rough skin? Read on to learn three ways to use it, plus helpful tips for multitasking.