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Ballerina Gets Surgery For Traction Alopecia

Why 1 Ballerina Is Bravely Sharing the Story Behind Her Hair Loss

Ballerina Gets Surgery For Traction Alopecia
Image Source: Dr. Edward Ball

If your signature beauty look involves a taut hairstyle, a former ballerina's story may make you reconsider. Diva Hollands, a 22-year-old from Britain, has bravely shared her journey suffering from traction alopecia, a form of gradual hair loss caused by tension.

Diva started dancing at the age of 3, which is when she began wearing styles that kept her hair tightly pinned back and off of her face. As she got older, her hairline visibly receded, and she was teased for it throughout her years in school. Though she stopped training at 18, the years of ballerina buns had taken a toll. The hair loss affected her self-esteem. "I remember the exact words a boy at school said to me; he said I had a forehead the size of a football pitch," Diva said.

After meeting her fiancé, David, she gave birth to two children, which caused her to lose even more hair. Diva decided to undergo follicular unit transplantation surgery. This procedure consists of removing a thin strip of hair-bearing skin from the back of the scalp. This piece is then split up into hair grafts, which are carefully implanted individually to replicate the natural hair growth pattern of the patient.

Dr. Edward Ball, who now runs the Maitland Clinic, performed the eight-hour surgery in October 2015. Since then, Diva's hair has dramatically improved, which she says has had a "huge impact" on her life.

Diva shared her story in hopes to assuage the embarrassment or low self-esteem of other women dealing with the same problem. "I really do think there's a taboo when it comes to women's hair loss," she said. "It can happen to anyone and it's nothing to be embarrassed about." Read on to see the incredible results of her surgery.

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