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Best Acne Spot Treatments

These Are the Best Acne Spot Treatments on the Market

Best Acne Spot Treatments

It doesn't matter how old you are, pimples can sneak up on you at any time and any age. And isn't it funny how they almost always seem to pop up (literally) at the most inopportune times? Making pimples disappear is a science, and it often makes more sense to simply treat the spot as opposed to your entire face.

"[Spot treatments] tend to use ingredients that act as drying agents and draw out oils and impurities to rapidly shrink the acne bump," explained NYC cosmetic dermatologist Sejal Shah. "Many of these ingredients would be too drying to use on the whole face. For example, many contain alcohol. Overdrying the skin will not only irritate it, but may even lead to more acne."

We've scouted the best spot treatments on the market — the stuff people swear by — so dig in and treat away!

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