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China Viral Lipstick Challenge

China's Viral Lipstick Challenge Has a Distorted View of Body Image

I have a pretty big head (but it's not a bad thing, because often it makes me look taller!) and tight shoulders. So if I lived in China right now, I would probably fail the country's latest disturbing body challenge. Women are wrapping their arms around the back of their heads to apply lipstick. It proves that they have petite heads. If you recall, this comes on the heels of Asia's belly button challenge and A4 waist test.

We encourage you to see this news and then realize how out of whack body-image standards have become. You can't downsize your head (and like I mentioned, having a larger-than-average head can be an asset!). And while you can increase your flexibility, do it for your yoga practice, not your morning beauty routine.

Image Source: Meipei
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