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Collagen Peptide Drink Recipes

POPSUGAR / paid for by / NeoCell

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Andrew Noel

Need help getting in a beauty mood? There's a drink for that! We've partnered with NeoCell to bring you easy recipes, all featuring the brand's collagen protein peptide powder, that will help activate your natural beauty from the inside.

I rely on my concealer and highlighter just as much as the next girl when I want to look well-rested and radiant. But for those days when I need a bigger beauty boost, makeup can only take me so far. As I recently learned, a drink with collagen protein peptide powder can take me the rest of the way.

If you're new to the collagen craze like I was, let me back up a bit. Collagen is the protein found in your skin that gives it that smooth, hydrated, and bouncy quality. Since it can be hard to maintain a collagen-rich diet naturally, and our production of collagen declines as we age, more and more beauty enthusiasts have been turning to powder supplements. These powders can be mixed into water, tea, coffee, or smoothies to promote healthy collagen synthesis, skin hydration, and overall radiant beauty. With the trend taking over my Instagram feed, I was especially intrigued to discover how incorporating the powder into my daily diet could benefit my health from the inside out and give me that fresh filter face without any of the hard work. And after spending an evening with NeoCell toasting the launch of its new Collagen Protein Peptides powder (NeoCell has been around for 20+ years!), I can fully say I've drunk the Kool-Aid — er, collagen.

I'm now convinced that collagen powder is more than just a wellness trend — it's my new best beauty friend. From a magical mixture to support a good night's sleep to one that will help you look and feel energized, I learned how to concoct four beauty fuel drinks, all incorporating the collagen powder. I even learned a pro tip from celebrity makeup artist Emma Willis: consume your collagen drink on an empty stomach to reap the benefits more quickly. Find the easy recipes ahead and get ready to drink your way to a more beautiful you. Bottoms up!