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Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume Review

This Kitten-Fur-Scented Perfume Belongs on Every Cat-Lover's Vanity

Demeter Kitten Fur Perfume Review
Image Source: Wendy Gould

It's not every day you come across a perfume that's meant to smell like one of the cutest creatures in the entire galaxy, but Demeter has done it with the newest addition to its fragrance library. Meet Kitten Fur, a single-note cologne spray — or should we say purrrfume (sorry, not sorry) — that is a long time coming for the brand.

"In addition to being a most requested customer scent, Kitten Fur took me over 15 years to achieve because the materials that are approved for use on the skin are generally inadequate to achieve a representation of complex organic molecules," Mark Crames, Demeter's CEO and perfumer, told POPSUGAR. "At the end of the day, it was a happy laboratory accident that gave us this fragrance! I was targeting something else, but what I got was very close to Kitten Fur. I made a few modifications, and voila!"

I happen to be an avid cat-lover and the proud owner of two fur babes, so when I caught wind of the Kitten Fur "Pick Me Up" spray, I knew I wanted to make room for it in my already-overstocked perfume collection. I know what you're thinking, though: "Does it actually smell like kittens?" and "How in the world do you even capture such an abstract scent?" You're about to find out!

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