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Does Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Work?

Does This Viral Bum Bum Cream Really Work? An Investigation

When it comes to beauty and sex appeal, Brazil is the ultimate one upper. Just look at Brazilian bombshells Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio!

It's also the country that took a once-sexy bikini bottom, eliminated half the fabric, added some ruching, and created the sexiest butt-hugging bottoms known to mankind. Brazilians have transformed the classic three-day blowout to extend it for months of frizz-free, glossy shine wash after wash. Their bronze is bronzier, their hair bouncier, their glow glowier, and that's just a simple fact of Brazilian life.

So when a product comes along that promises the smooth, polished skin of a Brazilian beauty, there's a reason the greater beauty universe freaks out about it — myself included. To help set the record straight once and for all, here's everything you need to know about the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45) that's taking over the internet.

First Thoughts

The yellow-gold box and large yellow tub stand out in a lineup of products, both on a shelf in stores and on your bathroom vanity.

For starters, there's the "BRAZILIAN BUM BUM CREAM" stamped on the front of the packaging, which is instantly intriguing (for obvious reasons). The bright, tropical colors make it feel vacationy even before you scoop out the sweet stuff inside. The oversize white cap unscrews to reveal a pot of pale yellow cream with a sugary caramel scent that is noticeable but not cloying. It may be too sweet for some, but for others the soft, warm smell will become part of the addiction.

While the name leads you to believe it's strictly for your behind, I can use extra hydration and firming in a few additional areas, so I slathered it on neck to toe — and I'd highly recommend everyone else do the same.

The Product Itself

The texture is rich and creamy, practically melting into your skin as you rub it on. A little dab goes on a long way, absorbing in seconds and leaving your skin noticeably softer and suppler minus any film or that greasiness that can be typical of formulas this rich.

The power player in this decadent blend is guarana. This native Amazonian plant contains twice as much caffeine as found in coffee seeds, delivering impressive skin-smoothing benefits that you will witness instantly and even more impressive results if you stick with daily slathers for at least two weeks.

The formula is also spiked with the superhydrators cupuacu butter and coconut oil, which help to leave skin pampered and seriously improve overall texture.

My dry, typically ashy (Winter) legs were instantly hydrated the minute I applied the cream, and I noticed considerable improvement in dryness after just one week of use. The ingredient list also boasts a hint of mica, a silicate mineral that adds a subtle shimmer to skin; however, I didn't notice any supernatural highlight, and in fairness, I wasn't upset about it. My skin looked healthy and glowy from the hydration and smoothing alone!

The Results

To set the record straight, even after three weeks of slathering this cream on twice a day, my butt does not look like that of a Victoria's Secret model. Sigh. Then again, it's a pot of body cream, not a pot of magic and miracles, so I had to keep my expectations reasonable.

Having said that, one application of this sweet cream and it's not hard to understand the obsession. It really does leave skin noticeably softer, smoother, sweeter, and just overall better-looking. Are there other body lotions that deliver comparable results? Surely. But I must admit, there's something about that damn Brazilian label that puts this baby in a category of its own.

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