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Drybar x JNSQ Wine

Drybar Now Offers Fancy Rosé, Because Nothing Beats a Boozy Blowout in Spring

Drybar x JNSQ Wine
Image Source: Courtesy of Brand

We're seeing blowouts through rose-colored glasses. Drybar is partnering with newly launched wine company JNSQ — short for je ne sais quoi, the French term meaning "a pleasing quality that cannot be described." For a limited time, customers will be able to get a glass of the brand's sweet-tasting Rosé Cru and Sauvignon Blanc while getting their hair washed and styled.

Customers are also able to add a few rose-gold hair pins to their style of choice (gratis!) and even a hair braid (for a crisp $10 bill). The catch: the experience is available only in select Drybar locations (in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, TX, and New York) until mid-April. Still, a blowout with a glass of fancy Rosé to relax you — now that's something to raise a glass to.

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