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Emoji Face Silisponges

These Emoji Silisponges Are the Cutest Freakin' Thing You'll See Today

Emoji Face Silisponges

Applying foundation just got a hell of a lot cuter. Your favorite clear blending sponge, aka Silisponge, just launched five versions with adorable emoji faces on them. The concept is simple: there's a face for every mood, whether you're feeling silly or dreamy. And they kind of seem like the Korean beauty version of the Seven Dwarfs.

To recap, the Silisponge is a silicone makeup applicator that doesn't absorb any of the product while it flawlessly blends in makeup. It's gentle, hygienic, and easy to clean. The tear-drop shape and tip helps you blend small spaces, such as around the nose or eyelids.

Each Emoji Face Silisponge is $15 or sold in a three-pack for $30.

Keep reading to see all of these emoji babies ahead!

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