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Fake Blood Makeup Tutorial | Nurse Costume Idea

This Halloween Makeup Tutorial Is Perfect For Women Who Want to Look Terrifyingly Glam

With the highly popular show Scream Queens taking place in a hospital in its second season, it seems fitting that one beauty blogger is taking the traditional sexy nurse Halloween costume and giving it a gruesome spin. On YouTube, Shaaanxo recently shared a sexy-meets-scary nurse makeup tutorial complete with creepy blood splatter.

The look is achieved by first applying a full face of glamorous makeup. Think full-coverage foundation, metallic eye shadow, thick winged liner, some highlighter, and red lipstick. (What's great about this part of the tutorial is that it's useful as a wearable makeup look for a sexy night out or special occasion.) The next step, however, is what brings the look into Halloween.

To get that aforementioned splatter, she uses Colour Pop's Creme Gel Colour in Best O and gently dabs it around her face and neck with a stippling sponge. She then repeats the same process with special effects scab blood and stage blood.

Though the finished result is decidedly freaky, the entire look is actually pretty easy to replicate. Check out the full tutorial above.

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