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Fast and Easy Morning Routine

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Clinique

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

Want to maximize your mornings? We partnered with Clinique to show you how you can get ready for the day in a flash.

I have two trains I can take to work, and they are 30 minutes apart. The walk to the train is 10 minutes; the ride itself, assuming nothing breaks down, which it usually does, is 45; and then the walk from the train, after you've pushed your way off the train and through the station, is 24. On an absolutely perfect day, when the sun is shining and every commuter exhibits stellar decorum, I can get door to door in one hour and 19 minutes. The point is not for you to feel bad for me, rather, to justify why after my alarm clock goes off I only give myself 20 minutes to leave the house.

When I tell people this — that I get ready in 20 minutes — they think I'm only mentioning some portion of my morning. Getting out of bed, perhaps. But no, from the time my iPhone beeps at me to the time I'm kissing my dog goodbye and heading out the door, 20 minutes has elapsed. Find out how I manage up ahead.