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Graduation Cap Hack For Natural Hair

Natural-Haired Beauties, Rejoice! This Hack Will Make Your Grad Cap Stay Put

Nothing spoils that victorious moment of walking across the stage at graduation like an awkward blunder with your graduation cap. Even though whoever designed those square-shaped contraptions apparently had zero consideration for different hair types and head shapes, one beauty vlogger just came up with a way for natural-haired gals to beat the system and rock their caps with no worries.

YouTuber Chizi Duru recently shared a video that shows us a quick and easy hack for graduates with natural hair to rock their caps without altering their 'fro one bit. We're honestly kind of wondering how we didn't think of this awesome trick first!

Chizi simply uses a basic plastic headband, which she adheres to the cap's base using scotch tape (although she suggests using duct tape or hot glue for more of a durable hold to last through various graduation-day shenanigans). She then folds the flaps over the secured headband and tapes them shut (again, suggesting a more long-lasting adherence than scotch tape). And just like that, your grad-cap woes have officially been solved! Watch Chizi's video tutorial above for a step-by-step look at how she executes this genius hack.

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