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Hairstyles to Extend a Blowout

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Fresh hair doesn't always involve shampoo. We've partnered with Drybar to show you how to make a blowout last.

I'm 100 percent a hair girl. It's what I notice the most on other girls, and it's something I can never leave the house without perfecting — even more so than makeup. But one thing I absolutely dread doing when it comes to my hair? Washing it.

Between the shampooing, drying, styling, and upkeep, even my relatively low-maintenance routine becomes hard to keep up with every three days. So when I received a range of Drybar products, including their new Detox dry conditioner, I decided to challenge myself to go an entire workweek without washing my hair. Armed with the right products and tools, I wanted to see whether I could make a fresh Monday morning blowout last all the way until Friday evening.

But I wanted to take it even further. Making a blowout last isn't just dependent on good dry shampoo and blind luck. It's also about optimizing your hairstyles to work with (instead of against) the change in texture as the week progresses. Instead of resorting to a typical ponytail or messy bun, my goal was to rock fuss-free hair by the time Friday rolled around. Keep reading to see how I fared.

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