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How to Buy Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pop Lip Gloss

Benefit's New Punch Pop Lip Gloss Is the Most '90s-Fab Thing You'll See Today

From Selena Gomez's naked-but-glistening pout in her "Fetish" music video to Cersei Lannister's poisonous "lipstick" on Game of Thrones, 2017 is shaping up to be the year lip gloss is poppin' (again). We'd never thought we'd write those words, since it feels like the product hit its peak during the '90s and early aughts, but it's true. If you need any more proof, you can just check out Benefit Cosmetics' newest throwback release, Punch Pop ($18).

Available in five flavors that would make your middle school heart sing (like Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, Bubblegum, and Cherry), this liquid lip color delivers a juicy glow that might just make you dig out your old velour sweatsuit. We suspect the gloss would look great on its own, or deliver a (wait for it) "pop" of twinkle when applied over a matte lip stain.

If you equate the words "lip gloss" to a sticky, hair-catching mouth, this release might make you think differently. The formula is like gloss 2.0, as it contains Vitamin E that smooths and hydrates your pout.


Although the product's tube (which is inspired by vintage bubblegum packaging), looks like it's a rub-on applicator, Punch Pop actually comes with a wand, because you're a grown-up. This feature helps to even out application, so your lips don't look like a gooey mess.

If those five fruity flavors aren't enough for you, Ulta is offering two exclusive colors that will probably make you pretty hungry. Sugar Cookie delivers a nude pink, and Pink Berry is a mauve that will remind you of blueberry froyo.

So, to recap: bring out your Skip-It and turn on your AOL Dial Up, because the '90s are truly alive with Benefit's newest release.

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