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How to Do Your Own Makeup For Your Engagement Shoot

How to Moonlight as a Makeup Artist For Your Engagement Photos

How to Do Your Own Makeup For Your Engagement Shoot

The purpose of an engagement photo shoot is to announce to the world that you've found the love of your life (no big deal or anything!). This photo will likely be seen in your local paper, on every social media outlet you (and your mother) utilize, and on your "Save the Date" cards or invitations. It's important to remember all this as you choose your makeup look.

According to wedding photographer Jane Shauck of IRIS Photography, "The engagement makeup should complement the feel of the shoot. For most sessions, this means a pretty natural look. I love makeup that evens out skin tone and draws attention to lips and eyes without being distracting."

I'm a professional makeup artist, so women often hire me for their wedding days. However, many opt to save money by doing their own makeup for prenuptial events and photos. That's totally fine, but I urge them to follow certain steps to create their best look.

Ahead, find six makeup artist-approved tips that will help you create that beautiful, photo-perfect look for your engagement pictures.

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