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How to Fill Your Brows With Charcoal

The Secret to Perfect Brows Can Be Found at Your Memorial Day BBQ

We'll try nearly any hack in the name of fuller-looking brows (including rubbing onions on our arches!), but we're especially fond of affordable tips. So when we came across Instagram user kaurvanity's unorthodox arch-filling technique, we were immediately hooked.

The makeup artist applies charcoal in lieu of a more costly makeup product to bolster her brows. "This will work for brunettes only," she cautioned in her caption. She went on to demonstrate how she uses an angled brush to dab on the pigment — just like she would with cosmetics. The finished result is robust and defined yet quite natural-looking.

Are you concerned that this tip will cause harm to your brows? Don't be. Charcoal is actually beneficial: it's used in many skin care formulas to soak up excess sebum and prevent breakouts. If your arch makeup tends to disappear midday because you have oily skin, this is definitely a trick to try. And considering that you likely have charcoal briquettes in your barbecue grill, the technique is completely free, too! See how to DIY it below.

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