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What to Know Before Trying Rainbow Hair Color

The Truth About Dyeing Your Hair Rainbow Colors

What to Know Before Trying Rainbow Hair Color

Every time we scroll through Instagram, someone else is dyeing their hair a vibrant hue. Kylie Jenner went blue, Lady Gaga decided on pink, and Zosia Mamet is looking pretty good in gray. This trend is not just reserved for celebrities, though. We spotted street style stars rocking bright hair shades during Fashion Week, and all our friends are doing it, too. We think it's safe to say the rainbow hair trend is going to be around for a few more seasons.

If you're thinking about dyeing your hair, you can always use hair chalk or temporary sprays to get a bold color for the weekend. We're firm believers in the mantra "go big or go home," so we enlisted the help of Lucille Javier at Sally Hershberger Salon to give us a more permanent option. With Javier's help, we took model Aemilia Madden from classic blond to cotton-candy colored. The watercolor effect mixes tones of blue and purple and causes an instant happy feeling. Over the course of four hours, she was bleached, glossed, and dyed this gorgeous amethyst color. The shade lasts about six weeks (depending on how often you wash) and slowly fades.

"Surprisingly my style feels less inhibited," said Madden. "Since nothing will match my hair anyways, I can wear whatever and be more playful with my style." Thinking of a colorful transition? We've broken down the step-by-step process along with Javier's tips, from the questions you need to ask before your colorist breaks out the bleach to product suggestions for your new haute hue.

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