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10 Tips to Make Your Next Bikini Wax Nearly Painless

We're convinced only masochists look forward to a bikini wax, but you may need to take care of business before your next Summer weekend beach trip. But it doesn't have to hurt quite so badly. There are ways you can reduce the pain. If you're new to waxing, start out with a professional to see how it's done. After a few times, you might want to try doing it at home to save a few bucks. Either way, to learn how to keep pain at bay, keep reading.

  1. Plan to wax after your period. Your pain threshold is higher in the week after your period than beforehand. Think of it like this: if sappy commercials make you cry when you're premenstrual, having wax applied to your dainty bits certainly will.
  2. Lose your self-consciousness. Yes, a stranger is going to see you wearing, at most, a paper thong. Don't worry about offending her or feeling embarrassed. It's nothing she hasn't seen before. The less anxious you are, the less you'll worry about pain.
  3. Start off slowly. Your first bikini wax is not the time to try a Brazilian. If you're new to waxing, go with a basic bikini wax. If you want to remove more, there's always next time.
  4. Exfoliate. The day before you decide to wax, exfoliate in the shower. This will remove dead skin, allowing the wax to grip shorter hairs.
  5. Speak up. A good esthetician will work with you to make sure you're as comfortable as you can be. Don't be too shy to say something if you have a low pain tolerance — it's better to speak up than to suffer in silence.
  6. Use hard wax. Hard wax is gentler than soft wax, so visit a spa that uses it.
  7. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. About an hour before your appointment, take an Advil, Tylenol, or other pain reliever.
  8. Breathe. It can be tempting to hold your breath, but breathing in and out helps reduce the pain. Take a deep breath in when the wax goes on, then breathe out when your esthetician gives it a yank.
  9. Know which parts are most sensitive. You wouldn't expect it, but having hair pulled from the lower abdomen area is more painful than it is around the vaginal opening.
  10. Turn your head and cough. An esthetician at Bliss taught us this trick: when the wax is about to be ripped off, cough. Sounds weird, but it distracts from the pain.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
Tara15022756 Tara15022756 3 years
This was great advice! I always dreaded when I had to get a bikini wax! It's not always bad though I've done some waxing in Calgary and it wasn't as bad as some places. Thanks for all the great tips!
Smala14524834 Smala14524834 4 years
bikini wax You have given very good tips i will try it .
katweb katweb 8 years
I would LOVE an article on at home waxing! I've got about four different kinds of at home waxing kits that I've bought, but have been reluctant to try because I've only ever had one waxing, ( yep I went right for the Brazillian!)and really am clueless on how to do this. By the way, after the Brazillian, I'm not too worried about the pain, just don't want to burn, flay or otherwise destroy my skin! Brazillian is NOT the way to begin your waxing experience!
reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
i don't think i can ever wax myself!
cg130 cg130 8 years
Great article! Very useful. And I'd love an article about DIY waxing.
kerish kerish 8 years
The best thing abt waxing is that eventually the regrowth takes abt 3-4 weeks and the hair becomes sparse!! WAX-AWAY LET SEXY, EVEN TONE BIKINI AREA BE UR MOTIVATION.Also an esthetician who u connect with is gr8!
shhbabytee shhbabytee 9 years
omg, i could never do it! There's gotta be a way to anesthetize the area. Estheticians who do this must have a lot of guns and stomach to withstand seeing girls' painful expressions. I know I could never help a friend out if I had to..
Jess2606 Jess2606 9 years
The breathing technique is a must know! as well as the occasional cough! having waxed my under arms for a while i'd never quite made it downstairs but the advice got me through number one. however i would say that it may be advisable to let someone else do the pulling!!
lsarale06 lsarale06 9 years
I recently went for my first full bikini wax and I was wondering how long should i wait until i go in for the second session? Some hair is grown out to where it needs to be but some is just a little shorter. So some haris are a little uneven. Do I wait until everyhthing has grown out. The lady I went to said wait 2-3 weeks its been about 2 almost 2 in a half.
CaseyLynn CaseyLynn 9 years
I totally disagree about using Hard wax, it doesn't hurt any less - in fact it's more uncomfortable sitting there waiting for the wax to harden on you. Also - it dos a bad job at ripping the hair out - the one time I had a Brazilian with hard wax, it grew back very fast and there were a lot of broken hairs.
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 9 years
There is also a product called L.M.X.4 that is supposed to be great, you just apply it...I think 30 minutes prior...yep, 30 minutes before and it helps numb the area. In addition the over the counter medicine also helps to ease the pain too!
kritin220 kritin220 10 years
I definitely want an at home how to. Though I must admit that my mom's horror story of her, her sister, and her best friend trying to do at home waxing in our kitchen when I was a toddler has kept me from any attempt to do it myself. Maybe with a good guide, I would give it a go! My bff and I "treated" ourselves to waxes as a graduation gift. Being roommies for so long that we basically coordinated our cycles, you'd think one of us would have had the common sense to realize that we'd scheduled the appointment for the week before our periods. Next time, I'm definitely going for the week after!!! (Advil would have been good, too!) Forwarding this to my friend right now!!!
LA-Palooza LA-Palooza 10 years
I think it's the suspense that's unbearable. But it helps right after the strip is pulled, to smack the area gently a few times. Or try icing till it's numb and then wipe dry/powder right before the wax is applied. It's not so bad, is it? For me it's more embarrassing than it is painful.
andiself andiself 10 years
I lasered most of my bikini line off and only get a wax for the full brazlilan. The laser took care of ingrown hairs. Best investment ever.
vikingprin vikingprin 10 years
I guess I'm in the minority here, but I HATE hard wax. The pluck pluck as you catch the edge is far more painful than the sting of soft. A few tips for those who want to try DIY brazilians: 1. Get it done at a salon first. The first time hurts the worst, so wait till the hair has softened up or you'll never have the guts. Also, you can watch how they do it. 2. Get professional quality equipment. You can get a basic setup for about the same cost as one salon trip, so the savings don't rack up until at least the second time. 3. Try a less sensitive/easier access area first. If you can't bring yourself to wax your legs or underarms, you'll never get through the bikini. 4. Pull the wax off as you exhale. I like to take 3 deep breaths and go on the last out. I'm not sure why this works, but it doesn't seem to hurt half as bad. 5. Don't pressure yourself. Give yourself plenty of time and space, and if you can't get through it, go to the salon. You can try again another time. I still go from time to time to get those little hairs I can't reach. Hope that helps!
sumnboutme sumnboutme 10 years
i've been trying to pluck up the courage to get it done...I've actually scheduled and appointment before only to cancel at the last minute. I'll definitely try the tips above when i get over the anxiety and I'll try to look for a salon that uses hard wax. thanks for the tips Bella and Actorgirl21!
partysugar partysugar 10 years
I will be trying that cough trip at my next trip to the waxer, thanks bella!!
blackjade blackjade 10 years
I could never do it at home. I found an esthetician I love we just talk the whole time which really helps and it doesnt' take long - but then again I just get a basic bikini. The first time hurt like mad! but now I go just about every 6 weeks. Also, if I manage to get an appointment after work (I often do a lunchtime wax) I stop at the bar (the spa's in a hotel) and have a mojito first - it works just as good as advil ;-)
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
Just got one done for the first time last month.... please do an at home article!!
kbienen kbienen 10 years
i would love an AT- HOME article. I have been getting brazillians forever. I had an amazing women in chicago that used to give a small slap right before she pulled the strip. It was the best distraction and it made the whole experience painfree.... i am in NY now though and don't want to ask someone to slap me! hahahah....
psangel psangel 10 years
I have been several times to get a full Brazilian, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't however it depends on the esthetician I get. However the results are great! I just want to be done with the waxing and get laser removal. So it will be gone forever!!!!!!
gahmc gahmc 10 years
The coughing tip works REALLY well... I've been using that for a few months (especially when I wax my upper lip. And the more you wax, the less it hurts (ei: waxing everytime you remove hair as opposed to using different methods) But the problem I have with bikini waxing is ingrown hairs. I don't seem to have as bad a problem with that when I shave.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 10 years
nice tips that really work. but I'm immune to the pain already. haha. I love waxing! :)
lala788 lala788 10 years
thanks Bella for the tips , i'll try tip no.8 the breathing thing , i think it will help with the pain. oh and i went to know more about the home wax job - it sound good in theory, but i don't think i'll have the courage to do it myself
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