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How to Use Hydrating Mists

4 Helpful Ways to Use a Hydrating Spray

What are the uses for a hydrating spray beyond the obvious? Glad you asked. Known by many names — hydrating mist, refreshing spray, purifying mist, or flower water — hydrating sprays are more than just a fancy blend of ingredients in liquid form. Find out four ways you can use them to add a little spring to your summertime step.

  1. As a toner: Help prep skin for upcoming moisturizer, with a spritz of a hydrating spray. What you'll get is a plumped appearance.
  2. As a makeup setter: Ensure that your makeup will stay put with a spritz of hydrating mist before you leave the house in the morning. Simply let it air-dry or lightly work in by patting with a sponge. You can also use a hydrating spray after the application of mineral makeup to prevent a dry, overly matte look.
  3. As a touchup: Need a makeup touchup in a flash? Just mist on a hydrating spray and pat down with a sponge to refresh your makeup and redistribute it so that it doesn't settle into fine lines or wrinkles. For a velvety finish, dab on powder immediately after.
  4. As a recharger of spirits: With an invigorating feel, hydrating sprays are perfect for providing a little pick-me-up any time of the day — particularly when they're formulated with aromatherapeutic scents. For an invigorating experience, refrigerate your spray before using.

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