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Husband Does Blind Wife's Makeup

Men: Get on the Level of Brian, Who Does His Wife's Makeup For the Sweetest Reason

If you've ever received a 2 a.m. "u up?" text that makes you want to hurl your phone against the wall, swear off dating forever, and just live alone with all of your fabulous makeup — DON'T! There is hope, as made evident by the real-life, Nicholas Sparks-worthy story of Jean and Brian.

But before you read this heartwarming saga, take a second to apply some waterproof mascara. You're going to need a few swipes, as this example of love's eternal flame will make you cry actual buckets of happy tears.

Nine News Australia first found this tweet from an anonymous makeup artist who wrote about "two loyal customers" Jean and Brian.

Since his wife is going blind (and because he is a real-life Disney prince), Brian attends regular makeup lessons to learn how to do Jean's makeup. Weep with us over this touching tale, why don't you?

May we all find Brians someday.

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