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Husband's Reaction to Photoshopped Pictures of His Wife

This Man's Reaction to His Wife's Photoshopped Pictures Gives Us Hope For Humanity

Boudoir photographer Victoria Caroline Haltom has worked on countless sexy shoots with clients, but one in particular brought her to tears. A plus-sized, middle-aged woman booked her services and made a strong Photoshop request. "She said, 'I want you to photoshop all of my cellulite, all of my angry red stretch marks, ALL of my fat, and all of my wrinkles . . . just make it go away. I want to feel gorgeous just ONCE,'" Victoria explained on her Facebook page. She abided by the client's specifications and digitally smoothed out her skin, turning the woman into "the epitome of what every woman dreams of being."

But Victoria couldn't believe what happened after delivering the finished goods. After the client gifted her spouse the racy photos for Christmas, Victoria received a lengthy email from the husband himself. "I have been with my wife since we were 18 years old, and we have two beautiful children together," he wrote. "I KNOW that my wife did these pictures for me to 'spice things up,'" he explained, saying that his wife often believes he finds her unattractive and is certain she asked to be photoshopped as much as possible.

When he looked at the boudoir photos, he was crestfallen. By photoshopping away her flaws, he claimed that Victoria took away everything that makes up the couple's life. "When you took away her stretch marks, you took away the documentation of my children. When you took away her wrinkles, you took away over two decades of our laughter, and our worries," he added.


The husband didn't write this letter to shame Victoria, however — it was actually a note of thanks. "These images made me realize that I honestly do not tell my wife enough how much I LOVE her and adore her just as she is," he said. He remarked that he will do better from now on and for the rest of the days will celebrate his wife and her perfect imperfections.

With self-photoshopping becoming mainstream thanks to apps like Facetune, this moving story is an important reminder to embrace one's flaws. Our scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles are documentation of struggles, triumphs, and a life well lived. Love yourself and your body for all you've accomplished! Keep reading for all of Victoria's empowering Facebook post.

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Posted by Victoria Caroline Boudoir on Monday, October 12, 2015

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