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Ida Ekman Plastic Instagram Beauty Look

This Jaw-Dropping, Glossy Vampire Barbie Look Was Made With Drugstore Liner

You could spend a lot of time getting lost on Finnish makeup artist Ida Ekman's Instagram. From Bowie-esque red stars around around her eyes to working with actual flowers, there's no shortage of vibrant, creative beauty looks. Her latest, a gorgeously glossy vampire Barbie look, just absolutely floored us โ€” especially when we found out that it can be re-created with just two affordable products.

In a pic she captioned "Stay weird," Ida wrote that the inspiration for her makeup came from Russian model Aryunatardis, who rocked this incredible, "plastic" beauty look back in March.

We want to spend Halloween with both of these talented artists. We also want to know exactly how to look like a sexy, space-age Barbie. Thankfully, Ida shared her ways with us, and it includes only affordable brands. According to her Instagram, Ida used NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner ($7) and Suva Beauty Space Panda ($11).

Before we rush off to copy Ida's eye look ASAP, we want to take a second to call out those flawless brows. Those come courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills Granite Dipbrow ($18).

Halloween can't come soon enough.

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