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Jaclyn Hill Afro Cultural Appropriation Accusations

Jaclyn Hill Is Accused of Cultural Appropriation After Wearing Afro on Halloween

Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill is under fire after posting photos of her Halloween costume featuring an Afro. She seemingly dressed up as a glamorous skeleton-clown (hence the pink-colored wig), but some folks on the internet are calling her out for wearing a hairstyle that originates from the black community.

Those who are upset with Jaclyn claim that someone with her influence should be more responsible and mindful of the representation of people of color. "You should do better in educating yourself about these issues. With your platform, there's no excuse to not be aware," user cupcakesbrownie wrote on Twitter. "And maybe not wear a pink afro when you don't do much to help your fellow POC beauty influencers."

"I'll start: Afro hair is not a costume," Twitter user lauracedmonson wrote to Jaclyn. "Also, I'm real curious to hear your justification for snapping your friends singing the N word," she continued, referencing previous controversial Snapchats Jaclyn has posted.


Fans defending Jaclyn claim the Afro is actually not a case of cultural appropriation and that the wig is part of her "clown" look. As user 802treesinsilver commented on Instagram, "This wig DOES NOT disrespect women of color. If they have an issue with it then so does BOBO THE F*CKING CLOWN. I see no BLACK AFRO here. I see a cotton candy pink WIG."

Jaclyn hasn't responded to the accusations yet, but she did apologize for another instance of insensitivity. Someone at her Halloween party apparently dressed up as Pocahontas. "I will be 100% honest, I had no idea that there was such a horrible story behind Pocahontas. I was completely oblivious till today," she wrote. "So for that, I am sorry on my part. I appreciate those to you who kindly educate me and send me articles on things I'm unaware of."

Here's another look at Jaclyn's skeleton-clown costume.

Do you think she was in the wrong?

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