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Kylie Jenner's Favorite Beauty Products For Travel

7 Beauty Products Kylie Jenner Can't Travel Without

We may not have the paparazzi awaiting our arrival when we visit a new city, but thanks to our friends at InStyle, you can now boast the same travel essentials as the youngest — and arguably most fabulous — member of the Kardashian family: Kylie Jenner.

Though traveling like a Kardashian — private jet and all — isn't exactly realistic for the rest of us mere mortals, Kylie Jenner is at least helping us achieve that goal in the beauty department. In the latest video posted to the star's website, Jenner shared some of her favorite travel beauty essentials, which includes a mix of affordable and luxury products we can only pray the TSA won't swipe.

First up, Kylie swears by the Suvara Spray On Sun ( for locations) to keep her faux glow intact, noting that she particularly likes to use it on her face. "I always get spray tans, and if you get spray tans, you know that it kind of comes off on your face first, so this is a little rejuvenation," she explains. "You spray it and leave it overnight, and it kind of just makes your face tan again." Along with her dermatologist Christie Kidd's face cleanser, La Mer's iconic Creme de La Mer ($170) is another skin care product Jenner always takes along for the ride.


Throughout the day, she'll mist on Mario Badescu's Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater ($7) to keep her complexion hydrated; and as for her trademark pout, Jenner relies on the Mizzi Cosmetics Lip Luxe Honey Kiss Lip Balm ($12). The Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist ($18) is her signature travel scent, though it's her tiny bottle of Purell ($2) that ranks at the top of her must-have list. "I always travel with Purell because when you're on planes and stuff, they say the bathroom water is not sanitary," says Jenner. "So, I never wash my hands in the bathroom." The jury is still out on whether all of her staples will fit into a TSA-approved clear plastic bag stashed in our carry-on bag, but we're willing to give it the old college try.

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