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Lil' Kim With Blonde Hair | Spring 2016

Lil' Kim Looks a Lil' Different With Blond Hair

Miami Heat!!! πŸ”₯🌞😍

A photo posted by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

The internet is buzzing about Queen Bee β€” and we're not talking about BeyoncΓ©. Lil' Kim, rap goddess and the original Queen Bee, went viral Monday morning because of a new look she posted to Instagram. "Miami Heat!" her caption declared. In a series of images, Lil' Kim showed off honey-blond locks; full, straight brows; and a flawlessly chiseled cheek.

Many of the comments queried the performer about her complexion, which many stated looked fairer than usual, but fan @blues_1971 was the voice of reason. "It's makeup people! All of this freak out over nothing. She is wearing a scarf to hide her natural skin color."

We also think that Lil' Kim may be using a filter to make her skin appear even more flawless. Overall, though, she looks similar to the way she did earlier this year, when she came out to support Kanye West at the Yeezy Season Three show. She's just upgraded her hair hue to a cooler blond shade, which is exceptionally flattering on her.

What do you think of her glamorous look?

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